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Residential Services

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A fast and effective way to quickly transform your bathtub into a walk-in shower.

Contact us for a free in-home consultation. 

Starting at $795.00

Bathtub Conversions

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For seniors who may benefit from regular help around the house.  Our professional handyman & construction team will be at your convenience on a regular basis.


Get to know one of our team who will make a monthly visit to your home and attend to all the maintenance and chores around the house.      We will schedule a regular monthly appointment so you create a list and count on us to come and get it all done.


From changing a light bulb, the furnace filter, hanging pictures, moving furniture, checking fire detectors etc..  Our guys can help with just about anything.    

Montly Program:    $195month

Monthly Maintenance


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Keeping your home well maintained is a priority of all homeowners.    There may come a time when you need some assistance.   


Our seasonal maintenance program and checklist will evaluate your entire home and get you ready for the coming season.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Packages Starting at $250.00


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70-75% of all falls happen in the home.    It is important to be proactive to ensure your safety at home and prevent fall risks.      Grab bars, extra railings (inside and out) can help.

Our crew can supply and install safety products that meet your needs.

Grab Bars, Railings, Ramps

Home Safety